It's a new day..

The 10 posts prior to this one are roughly the first chapters of the book that I'm writing about my 'North-South trek' down the East Coast of the United States. In those posts, you will learn about me, the situations that triggered my decision and the preparations that I made to backpack 983 miles by myself one mile at a time.
My Facebook page, The Curious Bohemian, has the day to day journey if you choose to scroll back far enough, but the book that I'm writing will have the details of the 'good, bad and the ugly' that wasn't shared when I was backpacking through the impoverished and plush neighborhoods of East Coast America.
There are lots of stories not told.

While I am writing that book, I will continue to share my life with you which is now lived on a sailboat with a loving man that I met at the end of my North-South trek.
I call him my 'Southern man'.
He is a Carolina boy and I am a New York girl.
Culturally, we are very different but our mission is the same.
To help others.