Though my 'whiteness' may remind them of my colonial forefathers and foremothers,
no one disrespects me here.
Though their desire is to have their country all to themselves, 
they accept my 'time' here.
I am everywhere that they are.
I shop at their markets, 
I walk their streets, 
I visit their ancient land, 
I am in their space.
They need me and they must hate that, 
if they hate anything at all.


I opened my eyes and it was dark. 
He stood standing looking through the plastic window of the cockpit at the moon lit night in front of him.
"Is it my turn to watch?', I asked.
"Whenever you're ready baby", he responded.
stretched my body as long as it could stretch on the padded bed and elongated as much as possible. It was my turn to take watch so my 'Southern Captain' could get a few hours sleep. I removed the blanket from my overly clothed body and sat up.
"It's a gorgeous night out there", I said, "A perfect night actually."
I got up from my side of the cockpit and straightened out the covers. He was still looking outside and I had to share this moment with him. I leaned myself up against him from behind and gave him a kiss on the neck.


I returned from Peru about a month ago and am happily back on the sailing vessel 'Gracious Lady' with my 'Southern man'.
This morning I am waking up at a crazy early hour and am preparing for a two week journey down the East Coast of America on our 42 foot sailboat. 
God willing.
This type of sailing trip is a first for me.
This is the first big adventure on a sailboat which will be sailed not only on the scenic Intracoastal Waterway, but also at sea, several miles off shore. 

It's very interesting to reflect on my life right now. 
I lived a minimalistic life raising my daughter as an only parent,
a minimalistic life living in my van for a year,
a minimalistic life backpacking from NYC to MIAMi, 
and I now live a minimalistic life while I float on water.