I opened my eyes and it was dark. 
He stood standing looking through the plastic window of the cockpit at the moon lit night in front of him.
"Is it my turn to watch?', I asked.
"Whenever you're ready baby", he responded.
stretched my body as long as it could stretch on the padded bed and elongated as much as possible. It was my turn to take watch so my 'Southern Captain' could get a few hours sleep. I removed the blanket from my overly clothed body and sat up.
"It's a gorgeous night out there", I said, "A perfect night actually."
I got up from my side of the cockpit and straightened out the covers. He was still looking outside and I had to share this moment with him. I leaned myself up against him from behind and gave him a kiss on the neck.
"I'm gonna make some tea. Do you need anything?", I asked him.
"No, I'm good sweetheart. Take your time."
I went downstairs into the boat kitchen and put on some water. A hot cup of chai was calling my name and I waited patiently as the water heated up. It wasn't midnight yet and this first round of 'night watch' was going to be an easy one. I got less than an hour of sleep but I was feeling refreshed. Refreshed enough to stare at the moonlight, to glance at the navigation screen from time to time and to appreciate this moment in time. 

A few hours earlier, we made the cockpit very cozy for the overnight watch. Pillows and blankets were on all the seating areas and I put bottled water and a can of wasabi  covered almonds on the helm table. The binoculars were close by even though they couldn't be used at this hour and a flashlight was placed in a cup holder so we could grab it easily if we needed to check out the fuel, water and oil gauges. Though it was below 50 degrees outside, the cockpit which we renamed the 'plastic bubble' was well over 60. All the cockpit sides were zipped down and we were sheltered from wind, rain and in tonight's case, frigid air. My 'Southern Captain' arranged the blankets on the cushions and put the pillow where he wanted it. I leaned over to kiss him and then I took my post. 
We were on a 215 degree heading towards St. John's River in Florida and since the boat was on 'autopilot', all I needed to do was glance up every so often to see if there were any cruise ships, barges, freighters or other vessels in range of our path. Sipping my chai tea and counting my blessings was all I needed to do and for the next three hours, 
it was me,
my sleeping 'Southern Captain',
and God.

I took a seat next to the boat's large steering wheel and positioned myself at the cockpit table. I booted up my iPad and started to scroll through my list of writing assignments. Tonight would be a great night to write. I had at least four blog posts that were in need of some editing, and of course, there was my book about my 'North South trek'. The boat motor was purring in a comforting way and life in this perfect moment,
was simply perfect. 

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