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I realized in this life, I had the option to believe in God or in my 'self'.

When I believed in my 'self', or pacified my ego,
I was limited to only what I could do; 
only what human flesh can do.
When I connected to God, my internal Spirit, the possibilities in my life became limitless and my personal power much stronger.

When I only listened to my 'self', 
I constantly failed or chose shallow goals.
My decisions were poor.
I wanted to 'be' happy yet I searched outside of my 'self' for guidance or for happiness.
Another bad decision.
The God inside me had all the answers but I denied it and didn't listen to it.
I was told by others that God didn't exist and I was scoffed at by others when I spoke about God.
Because I was spiritually weak, I continued to rely on my 'self' and to listen to others who did the same.
I was an angry person.
A critical person.
A self absorbed person.
My capabilities were limited because I could only do what my 'self' could do, and when I look back now, 
I see that 'I' couldn’t do much.

There was a time when I was in emotional and physical pain. 
My back hurt and I was sad inside.
My 'self' only served itself and because of that, it hurt.
I needed help.
I didn't want to live in pain.
Physical pain, emotional pain and mental pain plagued me.
I wanted to love life and nothing that I was doing in my life was loving.
I prayed.
I asked the Power inside of me to help.
When the Voice answered and told me to 'trust the path', I agreed.
My life felt new.
I had a fresh start.
I felt reborn.
My pain went away.

I know many people who do not believe in God, 
who do not believe in the Spirit within them;
they only believe in their 'selfs' and pacify their egos. 
I want to ask them,

'How is that working for you?'
'Are you happy?'

If it isn't working for you , I want to suggest this:
Stop listening to YOUR voice that stutters and stammers,
that leads you down limited paths,
and start listening to the Voice of your Spirit,
the Voice that truly knows you,
the Voice that tells you to stop being afraid and to trust it.
The Voice that will lead you down green pastures even while you are walking through the valley of death.
I want you to try it.
Trust it.
You have nothing to lose but your 'self',
and for many of us, 
that's a good thing.

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