It’s so nice to be writing in any place that I land. Being here for a month and isolated in a house with nowhere to go was really the perfect way to discipline myself and to create a solid writing routine. You must remember that I’m not an educated writer. I’ve come into this project with no writing skills and a true fear of it. It’s been wonderful to receive such positive reinforcement from outsiders when they read my stuff. That alone has been a major encouragement to sit down and get it done. 
The past month has been so productive. Though I miss my ‘Southern Man’ terribly, we communicate every day and are accepting of this time apart. He gets to go on some motorcycle trips with his friends and I get to relive the most exciting time of my life. 
I’m organized. 
The book is good.
I’m focused and everyday that I write, I get 8 miles further in my North-South trek.
Today I sit in the Fayetteville Regional Airport typing out chapters while I wait for my plane to bring me to my daughter in New York.
My granddaughter, Violet will be entering our world soon. She’s head down and ready to meet us. 
Life has swung a full 180 degrees since I listened to the Voice that told me to get rid of it all and to trust the path. Though I still have challenges and personal growth to nurture, overall, I’m incredibly happy and at peace. 
I’m loved.
I’m supported and my adventure continues.
But first,
I need to finish this book. 

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