It’s been almost a year since my last blog post and what a year it’s been. I took the summer of 2018 off to isolate myself and to finish a much anticipated book about my urban backpacking trek from NYC to Miami; if you don’t know, I walked 983 miles in 198 days and had 98 strangers who welcomed me into their homes and who supported my journey through lodging, food and emotional support. Though the almost 1000 mile journey is an adventure/survival story in itself, the real story is the strangers who welcomed me and the churches who shut their doors on me. 

In 2002, when I was called to walk and trust the path, I had no underlining intention but to give it all up, walk down the coast and let God guide my life after that. I had no idea that this journey would affect so many people, both the strangers who helped me and the people on social media who were following my day to day trek.  To this day, I still receive messages and email from FB fans who share how my journey has affected their lives. Our media climate has drilled the idea that we are to be scared of life and scared of one another, and for the most part, my trek proved the opposite. There are more great people in our country who want to extend a helping hand compared to the ‘bad’ people who were virtually non existent on my trek; a stranger helping a complete stranger who is randomly backpacking down the street is certainly something to write about. It happened over 98 times in 6 months. I was a sweaty backpacker who was a sight for sore eyes and was helped by Samaritan-Americans who were put in my path. 
The twist is this. 
Oddly, some churches who I asked to sleep outside their building for a night felt very differently about me. They didn’t like what they saw. They feared my presence and doubted my intention. At first this was very unsettling for me since I was a sober woman with a backpack who wanted nothing more than a piece of concrete to lay her sleeping bag down after a long days trek. I was very surprised with their reluctance to help me but I still trusted the path. What the church didn’t know was that their scrutiny and speculation put me in Jesus’s sandals and their rejection of me created a spiritual awakening that ultimately taught me what Jesus went through, and furthermore, introduced me to a personal relationship with a sandal wearing God. That is why I trust the path. When things don’t seem to be working out but you trust the path, it all works out.
Amen and Wow!

My struggle:
I’ve been struggling in the writing process for many reasons. I’m not a writer by trade or desire, and I got rid of all my worldly possessions and left NY to chill, not produce. It turns out that writing a book is a major production, at least for me. I sought out a major ghostwriter to help me finish the book and make it into a cohesive piece but the writer that I spoke with wanted to make it into a masterpiece that would make a lot of money. Obviously, money is not my motivator so this particular ghostwriter was not meant to be. I felt that the real message, the real story would be lost in his translation and God would lose if I chose major money and major notoriety as a motivation.
So, I went back to my computer and continued to type out chapters. I tried to make it into a flowing piece but it read like a journal, not a book.
With the day to day approach, the book is long and I’ve been told that it reads more like a blog than a book, so instead of finding someone to turn it into a story, I’ve taken that bit of advise and am going to share my ‘book that reads like a blog’ with you on my website. 
Day by day. 
Chapter by chapter. 
You will experience my journey and feel my experience. 
I look forward to sharing my love of life, love of God and the imperfect me who was once a mess that miraculously came back to life by trusting her path.
           ~The Curious Bohemian


Please click the ‘follow’ button on my blog. I also would love it if you commented on the chapters so I know how you like them and how they read. There will be several chapters in an ‘Introduction’ that gives you insight as to what led my decision to give it all up and walk. This content is quite personal and will help the reader understand me as a flawed human being who decided to seek a purpose driven life with no stuff. 
I pray that the reading audience will be respectful, but in the event that they aren’t, I will continue to trust God’s path for me.